"A Rainy Afternoon with Lior Allay"

Lior Allay is a gender-fluid, charming individual who identifies as a 'they/them'.  Before our session, I was perplexed about how to address and how to interact with them.  

As it turned out, the minute we began working, those concerns left my mind and Lior simply became 'Lior'.  The work that we accomplished was creative, fun, funny, and wonderfully innocent.  It was a pleasure.

I've rarely met someone as comfortable in their own skin.  This seems especially true since Lior has EDS and a couple of other serious syndromes.  They have the face of someone at peace.

Time is like a paintbrush.  Some people are painted in broad strokes with red lead.  Lior looks lightly touched with a Martin hair brush.

I want to thank you, Lior, for the pleasure of working with such a creative force. 

Our experience creating together was an effective example of how the power of sexual dynamics can be mitigated by the 'poetry of the every day' (Jonvelle).
Bruce Bowers is with Lior Allay

Lior Asleep

Lior Stretching

Lior  Awake

Lior's Morning Read

Behind the Shower Door

Blow Dry

A Fresh, Rainy Day

Rainy Day Plans


Awaiting a Lover

The Dress

The Dress #2


Tear it Off


Thinking #2

The Yawn

Asleep #2

A Dream

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